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The pre-Christmas quarter of 2008 looks set to go down in history as a boom period for London restaurant openings, and possibly an out-and-out record.

Forty openings, excluding Westfield, have already been noted for the quarter. Direct historical figures are not available for comparison, but if you multiply the 40 by four that would give an implied opening rate of 160 per annum, broadly equivalent to the record annual rate of openings so far ever recorded – 158 (noted from mid-2006 to mid-2007). (See Note)

Our quarterly figure of 40, however, is calculated excluding the openings at Westfield. Not all of the west London shopping centre’s ‘concepts’ – almost 50 of them – are what you’d necessarily call restaurants, but many of them are (see list below). Add the Westfield openings, and it’s pretty clear that you have a very definite boom in pre-Christmas restaurant openings. This is especially so if you look at the number of seats, as some of the Westfield openings are very large indeed. The Meat and Wine Co has 250 covers (think Quaglino’s), and Fire & Stone has 200 (including 60 outside).

So, we may not be able positively to prove that openings for the quarter are a record, but we suspect they are. By any reckoning, though, there is is a great deal of recent new capacity about, and by any reckoning the timing of its arrival is extremely unfortunate.

Known openings in the three months to 25 December 2008

Non-Westfield openings (40 so far)

Avalon SW12

Avista W1

Bob Bob Ricard W1

Bocca di Lupo W1

Bouchon Breton E1

Bumpkin SW7

Bundu Khan E1

Casa Brindisa SW7

Cinnamon Kitchen EC2

Corrigan’s W1

Il Giardino SW3

Gilmours SW10

Goodman W1

Hat and Tun EC1

Inamo W1

Indali Lounge W1

Kumo SW3

Lena EC2

Lovage SE1

Madsen SW7

Min Jiang W8

Murano W1

Obikà WC2

Preto SW1

Princi W1

Rosa’s E1

Rotunda N1

Seasons Dining Room W6

Sheekey Oyster Bar WC2

Sophies Steakhouse WC2

Soseki EC3

Sushinho SW3

Taste of McClements TW9

Terroirs WC2

Tibits W1

Tierra Brindisa W1

St James N8

Bar Trattoria Semplice W1

Trishna W1

Tsunami W1


Some 50 ‘concepts’, including:

Byron W12

Comptoir Libanais W12

Ito W12

Croque Cascon W12

Fire & Stone W12

The Meat & Wine Co W12

Ooze W12

tibits W12

Wahaca W12


A question clearly hangs over the validity of such grossing up, especially as openings are often said to tend to ‘bunch’ pre-Christmas. Perusal of our reviews of new openings over the last couple of years, however, suggests that this pre-Christmas bias is less strong than is sometimes believed. We can therefore conclude that the 40 non-Westfield openings so far in the pre-Christmas quarter is a pretty healthy level by any standards.

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