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Ba Shan

Charmaine Mok, Time Out (Rating: 5/6 stars)

“It arrived by stealth, but created a tempest of interest. Ba Shan is the third opening by the same team who launched Sichuanese and northern Chinese cuisine into the spotlight, first via Bar Shu (currently closed for a refurb), then Baozi Inn – already two of the top spots for Chinese food in London.” This is one of those reviews which, right from the beginning, you know is going to end well. The food is indeed “exquisite”, and service is “impossibly cheery” too. “[I]t might not hold a candle to xiao chi restaurants in Chengdu where dozens of small dishes are presented to diners for the price equivalent of a pound” – well, obviously – “but this is likely to be the closest we’ll find in London”.

Fay Maschler, Evening Standard (Rating: 3/5 stars)

“At Ba Shan, which roughly translates as “little Chinese town”, the aim is to celebrate the wealth of xiao chi (“small eats”) within Chinese regional cooking”, we are told. Problems with the credit card machine aside, she concludes this is “a charming little world apart in the middle of Soho”.

Rasa Sayang

Fay Maschler, Evening Standard (Rating: 3/5 stars)

“There are no frills in the décor and service can be brusque”, says the doyenne of critics, but what this Chinatown Singaporean/Malaysian does, “it does very well”.


David Sexton, Evening Standard (Rating: 2/5 stars)

The critic visits Jamie’s “aspirational” and “charitable” Shoreditch venue. He has an OK meal, but can’t help noting that “the price is about twice what it should be, if you’re hard-headed”. But this is not a restaurant, it’s an experience. “Everybody takes lots of pictures and you’re meant to respond to all [Jamie’s] incredibles and the fantastics [on the menu] with superlatives of your own”.


Fiona McAuslan, Time Out (Rating: 4/6 stars)

This new Victoria Park boozer/bistro, from the former owners of Soho’s Alphabet bar, turns out to be impressive across the board. There was “slight disappointment” at the dessert stage, but “The Britannia has the makings of a perennial favourite”.


Richard Vines, Bloomberg (Rating: 2/4 stars)

“It sounds awful, but it isn’t”. The critic rather likes this funky Soho Japanese, which (almost) succeeds in doing without waiters.

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