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The Kingly Club - £M


The Kingly Club is a contemporary, sleek and stylish space located in the fashionable part of Soho. We are known for our excellence, service, style and uplifting ambiance. We are also passionate about keeping the Kingly Club an exceptional, privileged and personal experience for all clients and their guests. Our team and our clients that gives the venue its unique edge and is well talked about after an event. The venue design in of contemporary minimalist in stark whites and barely cream leather seating. There is a stunning light sculpture across one side of the venue, which leads onto the wall of tropical fish tanks. The back lit bar is on the other side of the venue is the back lit bar is made entirely of glass. We can turn the venue from a creamy sleek lounge bar into a fabulous rocking club using LED coloured lighting and other visual effects. The gorgeous bar, floor and service staff are only interested in making sure the clients have what they need and are always friendly, warm and welcoming. The Kingly Club is renowned for it’s impeccable service.

Room Capacities

Room name Standing Seated D'Dance Theatre
Max 115 25 50 35
4 Kingly Court Soho, London, W1B 5PW

Contact Info

020 7287 9100


Times available: 9am - 12pm Sun, 3am Mon-Wed, 10pm Thu-Sat
Smoking: outsideonly
Outside area: Yes
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