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The Editors’ Review of Shoryu Ramen

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picture of Shoryu Ramen SW1

Near Piccadilly Circus, a warm, welcoming and slightly chaotic Japanese noodle parlour, serving warming dishes in generous portions – ideal for West End refuelling!

Looking for a quick, cheap and tasty West End meal? We have a feeling that the main streets of our metropolis have been lagging when it comes to mid-market dining a bit in recent times – there have been lots of sandwich/salad/sushi stops for a quick snack, and, just off the major thoroughfares, a surprising number of more upmarket eateries too. But not that much in between.

Into this under-served space comes this bright, warm and welcoming ramen parlour, prominently situated in the street which is no longer officially called Lower Regent Street – an offshoot of the commendable Japan Centre, nearby.

The fare we sampled was pretty filling – for a speedy shopping snack, half a dozen gyoza (pork dumplings) for fiver would probably do the job. For a more substantial meal, top up with a large and steaming – if, for our taste, slightly greasy – bowl of tonkotsu ramen, the house speciality. Star of our visit, though, was a fresh and delicious ‘chuka wakame’ salad, with avocado and cucumber.

Friendly but slightly chaotic service completes a general air of authenticity.

9 Regent St
no tel
£27 pp

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