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A Taste of Noma at Claridge's sells out in 2.5 hours!


10,000 people pre-registered, but all 3,400 seats at A Taste of Noma at Claridge's in July were allocated in 150 minutes this morning. It’s difficult to do the sums precisely, as some applications were for 2 and some for 4 people, but it looks as if the two week stint by the René Redzepi, the 'World’s leading chef’, were over-subscribed by a factor of about ten. Everyone else, it seems, will just have to try for a seat in Copenhagen.

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miiriam till 29 Jul 12, 7:39pm
An extravagantly expensive banquet of such disappointing mediocrity that one wonders if the judges that have voted Noma the number one restaurant in the world are either all Danish or have ever eaten anywhere else. The first offering being a flower pot complete with fake soil made from mushrooms , frankly real soil would have had some flavour at least. Second up lettuce with live ants , a triumph of style ove substance . Third a scone provided by Claridges with clotted cream and caviar which wa

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