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Nick P
I went on a hot August day; inside dark and...
Reviewed Today

"I went on a hot August day; inside dark and cool, outside warm and pleasant with good view of street life. My oysters were fine and my pork terrine was first rate, meaty and rich, with an excellent sweet, crunchy piccalilli. Service was very good, marked down for belief that 'All right there?' - used twice by (I'd guess) public-school-educated waiter - is an acceptable substitute for 'How can I help you, sir?'"

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David Y
Interesting menu with nice twists. Generous...
Reviewed 1 day ago

"Interesting menu with nice twists. Generous but not overwhelming portions. Very hot day so we ate in the garden and therefore not sure about ambience."

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Nick P
All fine, but not the starry experience I'd...
Reviewed 1 day ago

"All fine, but not the starry experience I'd hoped for: the salt cod fritters were not quite coddy enough, the roast kidneys not quite charred enough and the morcilla tortilla filling a bit too liquid. Lovely sherry in a bright, busy bar, service intelligent, helpful and friendly but not quite responsive enough. In short, very good but could have been excellent with not much more effort. Perhaps it was just a case of a few tiny things gong not quite right."

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Tim H
Alsace Wine Dinner. Set menu. Good food. Sm...
Reviewed 2 days ago

"Alsace Wine Dinner. Set menu. Good food. Smallish portions - to be expected. 4 Courses. 4 Wines. Good value."

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Graham C
Excellent lunchtime cafe, even better sitti...
Reviewed 2 days ago

"Excellent lunchtime cafe, even better sitting on terrace on a sunny summers day"

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Norman J
With the extra competition from 'Wings' and...
Reviewed 2 days ago

"With the extra competition from 'Wings' and now 'Tattu' (which I haven't tried yet) Yang Sing certainly needs to perform at its best. Dim sum have always been a strength and the fact that at present they cannot do Cheung Fun (apparently it requires a special steamer which has to be obtained from Hong Kong and it's taking a long time (Almost a year I estimate)). The main dining rooms on the ground floor and basement are being refurbished and the large function room on the second floor is deputising. I ordered Pan Fried Turnip Cake, Cha sui Bau, Beef dumpling with ginger & Spring onion, Sui Mai and Mixed Meat Croquette all of which were very good indeed. On this showing they a producing some of the best dim sum in Manchester, not as comprehensive a list as the 'Glamorous' but definitely better quality and while the service at 'Wings' is better the quality of the food is about the same with Yang Sing perhaps slightly edging things for dim sum."

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Andrew J
So underrated. This hidden gem never fails...
Reviewed 2 days ago

"So underrated. This hidden gem never fails to deliver. Excellent for a business lunch, romantic dinner or just a casual meal. Very classy and new kitchen team does not seem to have affected things negatively at all."

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Andrew J
My favourite restaurant in London. You nee...
Reviewed 2 days ago

"My favourite restaurant in London. You need to understand ingredients to 'get' this place but if you like food cooked with love and honesty it is hard to beat. There is a wonderfully confident swagger about this place. I know people moan about the prices but I simply don't agree."

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hawksmoor manchesterJay Rayner weighs in on the north/south restaurant divide question

The Observer's critic-in-chief heads to Manchester to try out the new Hawksmoor and stumbles across a veggie dining room, 1847, serving great food – well, apart from the desserts. Read our roundup of restaurant news in Manchester and enter our Hawksmoor Manchester competition.



Meanwhile the Guardian's Marina O'Laughlin pays a visit to the much gushed about Kitty Fisher's

Everyone else love, love, loves it but Marina can't help but feel she's ended up at a house party she wasn't quite invited to, particularly as the restaurant staff seem allergic to answering the phone. We can attest to that having called them on at least 10 occasions without success.


The award for most ferocious review this week has to go to The Sunday Times's A A Gill

The critic has a thing or two to say about Mayfair's 'ridiculously overpriced' Mexican, Peyote, including: “...fiddly, neurotic preparation with pale, polite taste and silly, parsimonious sharing plates that aren’t bounteous or fun and are more like eating the catering pitch for a drug cartel’s wedding.”


Over at The Times, Giles Coren gives his opinion on Russian-imported pizza chain Bocconcino

“Bocconcino isn’t a bad restaurant. It just isn’t a necessary restaurant.” At £202 for pizza and pasta it's not hard to see why Mr Coren might feel that way – mind you, a £46 bottle of wine probably helped nudge the bill up.


And last but not least, Ms Maschler reviews Brindisa's new Morada Asador

The Standard's long-standing critic heads to the latest outpost of this tapas chain (in Soho) and finds the meats are the reason to flock here – from the 'delectable' milk-fed lamb to the Secreto Iberico.
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